Contacting Us

The Makerspace is a volunteer-run organization—with the exception of our part-time operations associate, all of the work here—from managing communication to teaching classes to cleaning up workspaces—is done by our members. We’re able keep our membership prices low because everyone pitches in. As a result, it may take a day or two to for you to receive a response from one of our volunteers. Be patient with us. 🙂

General Questions

General questions should go to our primary email address, We have a number of people who monitor this account to make sure your question gets to the right person.

Equipment & Facilities Questions

If you have a specific question about equipment in any of our work areas, your best starting point is to contact the appropriate volunteer area manager; they’re listed on each of the relevant work area pages in the Facilities menu. If there’s no area manager listed, you can contact and we’ll try to connect you with someone who can answer your question.

Chat With Us on Discord!

The best way to get a quick answer to a question is to join our Discord server ( Many of our members–including officers, instructors, and area managers–are active on the server, and can answer questions there.

Note: The Discord is not a substitute for raising issues to staff, especially those that are time sensitive. We can be reached at the as listed above, or questions can be sent directly to