We keep our prices low, and our doors open 24×7, because of the generosity of our donors, and the volunteer work of our members. Here are ways you can help keep us running!

As a 501(c).3 organization your gifts to Rochester Makerspace are tax deductible. And if your employer has a matching program, any donations you make could go even further!

Time & Skills

One of the greatest gifts that anyone can give to another is their time and attention. Our volunteers literally give of themselves when cleaning, supporting business operations, maintaining equipment, and, especially, teaching. Passing on what you’ve learned and experienced in your lifetime to another provides a depth of satisfaction.

We are run by the power and passion of amazing volunteers, and are always looking for more talented makers to join our crew. If you love making things, and enjoy organization, community and being a part of something special, let us know! We are always looking for talented and dedicated makers eager to share knowledge and lend a hand, so email us at and let us know how you’d like to help.


Your gift to the Rochester Makerspace helps ensure that RocMakers like you can continue to tinker, invent, build and make – 24/7. Keeping equipment working and up-to-date, purchasing new tools and supplies, and continuing to improve upon class offerings, are just a few of the things that your support helps make possible. Your donation also provides Rochester Makerspace the opportunity to explore community outreach initiatives and develop non-traditional educational or vocational programming.

Building a more imaginative, innovative and industrious community takes some effort, and with your generous donation, we’ll continue to improve and thrive together – for many years to come!

(If your employer has a matching program for charitable donations, your donation will go that much farther!)

Equipment, Materials, and Supplies

Donated equipment was the foundation of Rochester Makerspace’s genesis. The idea that sharing the cost, upkeep, and learning experience of tools beyond the reach of any one individual was a founding principle.

That commitment continues today. With donations of furniture for more comfortable seating, TV screens and projectors for informational displays, sewing machines, and an engine lathe to name a few, the tradition of giving back keeps us able to offer more. We’ve also benefited greatly from donations of stained glass, hardwood and lumber for the wood shop, plywood and acrylic for the laser cutters, and filament for the 3D print lab.

Consider the Rochester Makerspace as a new home for equipment and materials you’ve outgrown, upgraded, or down-sized from!

If you have something you think might be useful to us, the first step is to contact the manager for the relevant work area; they’ll know what we already have and what we can put to good use. If it’s something that would be useful in a way that’s not directly related to a work area, contact and we’ll make sure that the right person gets back to you.

The excitement generated by these gifts is palpable and spurs even greater creative expression. Watching a woodworker’s enthusiasm over having access to a piece of walnut stock is heartwarming!