Volunteer Opportunities


We have always struggled to get the word out to Rochester's Maker community that we exist. We're seeking ideas for free and paid advertising. Let us know what might work and then we'll let you be involved in carrying it out.

Class Interest Survey

The Rochester Makerspace thrives by providing members with classes that help them learn a new skill and have fun! We are looking for someone who is interested in cultivating insight on what classes are in demand at the RMS.

Craft and Movie Night

Craft and Movie night is a great way to bring the creative maker community together to make a fun craft while bonding over a movie! We need someone to organize the craft and movie for the month and host the event.

Equipment Selection

We're very proud of our selection of major equipment and tools at the Makerspace, but we know that we can do better. Help us find out from our members and potential members what we should add to the space.

Member Communications

The Rochester Makerspace is an exciting place. Fun events and new opportunities come up all the time. Help us tell our members about these things without annoying them with too much information!


We want to give pottery a home at the Makerspace, but we don't know how to get started. Please help us find a kiln, whether it would be bought or donated to the space, and help us determine other equipment that we should get to support pottery.

Showcase Member Projects

Many of our members are very proud of what they create at the Makerspace. Help us find ways to show off their creations to other members and to our visitors.




We need your help!

The Rochester Makerspace is an energetic center of innovation and the exchange of knowledge. Our makers have created things that fascinate, educate, entertain, and make life easier. They have shared their passion and experience with visitors of all ages and brought the joy and empowerment of making to them.

To continue our growth and to expand our reach to more people in our community, we need equipment for prototyping and for job training. We need materials for classes and field trips. We need to recruit talented educators and mentors. We need to improve our infrastructure with modern computers and network equipment. Your contributions to the Makerspace will help establish us as one of Rochester’s greatest resources for turning ideas into reality.

You can help us out by either clicking the above link or if you have something you want to deliver to us or want us to pick up from you, please email us at [STAFF EMAIL ADDRESS]. Since we are a registered 501c3 not-for-profit, all donations are tax deductible. We will provide you with a receipt for your donation.